RG1260D Specifications

Grinding Head Attachment

Width:  12.5 feet

Maximum Grinding Depth:  6 inches

Grinder Head Speed and Direction: Variable (0 to 180 RPM)

Cutting Diameter:  27 inches

Carbide Consumables:  Kennametal Carbide Bits

Ground Speed Range: .5 to 3 miles per hour depending on depth and road surface materials

Weight: 6500 lbs

Hydraulic Power Unit

Engine:  Cummins QSB6.7P, Tier 3 Enclosed Power Unit

Power Rating: 260 hp @ 2200 RPM

Peak Torque:  728 ft-lbs @ 1500 RPM

Weight of HPU 5500 lbs

Hydraulic System

Hydrostatic Pump:  Variable Displacement-Closed Circuit

Drive Motor: Radial Piston-Full Torque from zero to maximum speed-Shock Load Resistant

Water System Pump:  Axial Piston, Pressure Compensated Load Sense

Rotor Drive

Components: Single Torque Motor

Drive Ratio:  1:1

Liquid  Injection System

Hydraulic Motor:  Gear

Water Pump:  Heavy Duty Centrifugal 450 GPM

Controls:  Liquid output (GPM) and application rate (gal/sq. yd) is fully adjustable and set point automatically adjusts for variations in ground speed.

Electronic Controls- Monitoring

Engine: RPM, % torque, water temperature, oil pressure, fuel level

Hydraulic System: Drum rotation, variable drum speed switch 0-180, cutter head pressure, hydrostat pressure, charge pump pressure, PC pump pressure and hour history screen.

Electronic Depth Indicators:  Ultrasonic, Analog Output

Water System Controls: Automatic, from PLUS 1 Display Console

Ground Speed Sensing:  Radar II, Velocity Measurement

Component Protection System

Engine: low oil level, over temperature, low fuel level = Engine Shutdown.

Hydraulic System: Reservoir: low oil, over temperature = Engine Shutdown.

Hydrostat, PC, Vane pump suction valve closed fault = No Engine Start.

Transport Width and Length

Width: 9’-10”             Length: 27’-0”

Road Grader Modifications

Hydraulic Power Unit:  Remove ripper attachment, install HPU & mounting gear.

Grinder Head: Remove cutting edges on moldboard, install cutter head assembly.

Cab: Drill 2 holes in door post to mount Engine/HPU control module. 

 Attachment Mounting Time

Original Mounting:  8-10 Hrs.

Re-attach:  3 Hr.

Detach: 2 Hr.