What is the MILLRAZOR RG1260D road grader attachment?

The RG1260D is an accessory tool that attaches to a motor grader.  This accessory is composed of a rotary grinding drum which holds carbide tip cutting bits and attaches to the motor grader blade (moldboard), with an independent hydraulic power unit supplying fluid power to the cutter head. The hydraulic power unit attaches to the rear of the grader (ripper).

What basic operations can the MILLRAZOR RG1260D perform?

 In gravel or thin pavements (cold mix asphalts, oiled road gravels), the RG1260D can quickly and efficiently grind up in-place road base or wearing courses to re-constituent aggregates/fines.  The machine can reclaim shoulder gravel lost to migration, from the ditch back onto the road.  The RG1260D can also pulverize and eliminate shoulder vegetation quickly and efficiently.  A liquid application system mounted to the cutter head can inject water or chlorides into the grinding process if a stabilizing agent or water is desired to be added to the processed aggregates.

What types of road materials will the MILLRAZOR RG1260D not work well in?

Grinding and re-processed Hot Mix asphalts, concrete surfaces are beyond the capabilities of the RG1260D. This attachment is not a rock crusher, and works best in 1 inch minus aggregates and thin asphalt rich pavement surfaces.

The brochure shows the MILLRAZOR RG1260D installed on a John Deere grader.  Is it compatible with all types and makes of graders?

At this time, the RG1260D is compatible with a select group of John Deere, Cat, Volvo, and Case equipment.  Contact RM Equipment for current compatibilities.

I have a mixed grader fleet.  Will the MILLRAZOR RG1260D mounted on a Cat grader fit on one of my John Deere graders with or without adaptation?

There are limiting factors as to this attachments compatibility from one machine to another; such as moldboard size differences, cylinder lifting capabilities, ripper configuration, hose length, brackets and routing, etc.  This holds true even staying with the same grader manufacturer and changing model, year, and size of grader.  Contact RM Equipment for details.

How can the grader control the operation of the MILLRAZOR RG1260D?

The operator, by controlling the angle and pivot of the grader blade can similarly control the angle and pivot of the grinder attachment since once it has been installed on the moldboard it becomes an integral part of the motor grader blade and all blade controls remain the same.

Maximum recommended cutting depth is 6 inches.  By wind rowing the milled material and performing a second pass with the RG1260D, grinding depths of up to 12” can be obtained.

What typical speeds for various operations can I expect the MILLRAZOR RG1260D to perform at?

Assuming a 4 inch grinding depth and a single 12.5 ft pass:

On newly built road or fresh gravel added to existing road……1.0 – 3.0 mph

On hard packed existing gravel road…..1.5 - 2.0 mph

On RAP (50% 3/4 inch crush/50% recycled asphalt)…..1.0 – 2.0 mph

On Chip Seal or Cold Mix 1” – 2” thick…..0.5 – 1.5 mph

What are weight and dimensions of the MILLRAZOR RG1260D?

Grinder head width is 12.5 feet.  Moldboard width requirements are 14 feet.  Cutter head weight is approximately 6500 lbs.  Hydraulic Power Unit weight approximately 5500 lbs.

How long to install the Hydraulic Power Unit and Grinder Head?

Initial installation is 8 – 10 hours.  After initial installation, attachment:  3 hours, detachment:  2 hours.

What basic maintenance should be done for best results?

Cutting bits should be checked for wear and replaced as necessary.  Blocks will support either Sandvik or Kennametal carbide bits.  Bit change out is easily done from the top of the grinder housing via access doors.  Other components/replacement parts are easily sourced from local established suppliers to minimize downtime.

What warranty is offered?

24 month limited warranty is offered.  Contact RM Equipment for details.

What is included in the base package of the MILLRAZOR RG1260D?

The base package includes the Hydraulic Power Unit assembly, complete grinder cutter head assembly along with water bar and supply hose.  Shipping is FOB RM Equipment plant in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

Optional Extras:

Liquid Metering Injection Package includes pressure compensated hydraulic pump, water pump, gear motor, water metering program upload, radar ground speed pickup, applicable hydraulic, water and electrical arterials and connections. 

Depth of Cut Monitoring Package includes ultrasonic depth sensors, wheels, mounting brackets and program upload for in cab monitoring of right and left side grinding depth.

Installation (Initial installation on customer grader at customer location; 8-10 hours technician time), and operator training/orientation at customer location; 2-3 hours technician time. 

How do I get more information or place an order?

In the USA -contact Erik Skeen, by email at  
By phone at 208.290.3051 or fax at 208.267.1862.

In Canada - contact Doug Maynes, by email at
By phone at 403.519.1046 or fax at 403.938.0785.

We will send you a request for quotation form.  We would like to know about your grader fleet, where you are located, and what options you would like to add to your quotation package which will include a cost breakdown, warranty, and terms of sale.